The Biologically Substituting Second-Order

Shake The Bottle, Wake The Somianta.


Nya gardiner

Nu är hösten på väg! Jag ska börja dona och greja lite inne. Det är dags för ett par nya gardiner bland annat. De jag har nu har hängt i fönstrena i nästan två år. Så nu är jag sugen på att byta till ett par ganska tjocka och härliga. Det blir ändå vinter och då vill man dona till det lite här hemma! Så de får vara ganska tjocka. De i köket är jag också sugen på att byta men jag tar vardagsrummet först. De passar nämligen inte riktigt in, jag har lila där inne men gardinerna är röda. ...

A wedding in France

I'm going on a wedding in Brittany soon. I'm really looking forward to in since it's my brothers wedding. You only get married once, hopefully, so I really hope that this day will be really special for him. I've got something special planned for him that I really hope he likes. But the best thing of all is that the wedding is in France. I think that's really romantic. I would like to have my wedding in France as well, that would be really cool. I just can't wait for the wedding!

Working at a hotel

I've been working on a hotel as a receptionist for a while now. I think it's a great job actually. We've recently installed a new hotel reservation system. The old one was very hard and complicated to use. So it took longer time to make a reservation and stuff like that. But the new one is really great. It works perfectly and is really easy to use. So the new system have kind of made our lives here at the hotel easier. There's not as much stress as it was before. 

searching a hotel

I still have not found a hotel in Hamburg. I sent some emails but I notice that sometimes it can take a while before companies answer their emails. I am a little surprised by that because I think that staying in contact with your clients is very important and email is a very modern way to use. A lot of those small guesthouses don’t use email or they do but might not check it regular. Maybe it is better that I call them to ask them if there are some family rooms available. I can speak German so that would ...